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Family Sofa Portrait Illustration
  • Family Sofa Portrait Illustration

    This Family Sofa Portrait Illustration is a truly special way to commemorate your family and showcase their personality/interests. Hand drawn from your photographs, these portraits feature your loved ones on your sofa, with their favourite things illustrated around them.


    The clothing can be customised to truly capture each person's unique style.Whether you and your family enjoy a game-night or sitting down with a pizza every weekend, these illustrations are the perfect way to capture the happy moments you spend with loved ones.


    These portraits are available as a digital file or printed on A4 or A3 semi-gloss card, making them a beautiful one of a kind gift to treasure. 

    • Upon purchasing this item with the selected number of people and pets, you will need to email me at (or contact via my Facebook/Instagram pages) with the following info:

      • A photograph(s) of each person/pet you want drawing.
      • Personal items and specific clothing that you want to be included (for no additional price!). Are you a nurse? A big fan of guitars? Or haven't been seen in anything other than your favourite fluffy pink slippers for the last three months? Just include these in your email to me and I will happily add them in. The more details, the better the final illustration looks!


      I will work closely with you throughout the process, sending numerous sketches in order to ensure that you are happy with the final illustration before printing and posting.

      Any questions regarding what info I need? Email me!

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