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Hi, I'm Meg! I'm a digital illustrator, sketchbook-hoarder

and sausage dog lover from Grimsby, Lincolnshire.


I first put 'pen to paper' and founded Meg Potter Illustrations in 2016 when I drew a family portrait for my Mum. After struggling to find a unique gift that captured a special birthday and moment in her life, I illustrated 'The Potter Family' and found that I could express our family's personality and quirks in a way that no other gift or photograph could.

The love for my custom portraits spread from that simple idea and many birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Christmases later, I now illustrate full-time.


Each illustration is drawn from scratch and the clothing, hairstyles, hair colour, skin tone, facial hair and personal items can be customised for each family member. 

I will work with you personally throughout the process to ensure the final portrait is exactly how you pictured it to be!

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